Slytherin Soap- Black magic for your skin
Inspired by the rich, elegant perfumes of Knockturn Alley this handmade soap is is scented with teak-wood and cardamon 

Each soap is hand wrapped in a sheet from a copy of a recycled Harry Potter book  (books we have saved from pulping) and finished with a traditional house wax seal. 

Can be used all over your body, a great shower soap and brilliant for the face as activated charcoal will clear up blemishes and remove impurities.

The black colour comes from activated charcoal, its known for absorbing impurities and cleaning out toxins. Charcoal also creates a very fine and natural exfoliator. This, in conjunction with its natural absorption qualities, help to unclog and cleanse pores. If you've never used black soap before you're missing out!

-Purified rain water
-Pure coconut oil (conditioning)
-Olive oil (moisturizing)
-Activated charcoal (Absorbs impurities and cleans out toxins)
-Vitamin E (Nourishing) 

We lovingly hand make all our soaps using the traditional cold process method, we only use all natural vegan products including essential oils and rainwater  Our 100% natural vegan soaps are good for you and for the planet!
We do not use palm oil in any of our soaps for environmental and ethical reasons

Colours may vary from picture as all soaps are hand made and hand packaged and no two will ever be exactly the same

Slytherin Handmade Soap- Activated charcoal skin friendly vegan handmade soap

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